Guide To Installing A Stove Into An Existing Unlined Chimney

Guide To Installing A Stove Into An Existing Unlined Chimney

Whilst this seems the easiest way of installing a Woodburner it should also be installed correctly to ensure that it complies to building regulations but most important of all it is completley safe!

Below we will explain exactly what items you will require in order to install your stove and what rules you must follow in order to comply with building regulations and to be completly safe.

What is needed to install my woodburner?

Below you will find the products needed to install a stove into an existing unlined chimney.

  1. Woodburning Stove, Multi Fuel Stove or Gas Stove
  2. Single Skin Stove Pipe
  3. Register Plate (must be 1.5mm Steel and needs o be sealed so that it is airtight so no smoke can come back into room)

Important Guidelines To Follow When Installing Your Stove

To find out what output of stove you require simply use our Online Stove Output Calculator

When determining what stove will fit into your fireplace you most follow the following guidelines:

  1. You must have a gap of 150mm each side of the stove to non combustible materials and 230mm if there are combustible materials to the side.
  2. You must have 230mm above the stove to non combustible materials and 460mm above the stove if there is combustible materials (for example wood)
  3. You must position the stove at least 50mm from the back of the stove to the back wall.
  4. Your hearth Must extend at least 225mm in front of the stoves firebox.
  5. You Must also ensure that if your stove has a greater output than 5kw you must have an air vent in the room venting out to an external air source

Step By Step Guide To Installing Your Stove

  1. Position the stove into place following the above mentioned rules.
  2. Ensure that your register plate is installed and is sealed around the edges.
  3. Position the stove pipe into the hole in the register plate and push into the stove collar and seal with fire cement for a good seal.