As elegant as the poetry of its namesake – control, safety, economy, beauty and ecological efficiency. A high output stove that has a large view of the fire through a clear glass door. So fuel efficient that the cost of the stove will be recovered in a couple of winters. ‘Cast a warm eye on life’ with this beautiful Irish designed stove.

  1. Enamel or Matt Black
  2. 31,000 Btu output(8.9Kw)(non-boiler model)
  3. 21,000 Btu Output(6.2 Kw) to water and 17,000 Btu Output (4.9 Kw) to room
  4. Boiler version heats up to 6 radiators
  5. Clear glass with window airwash
  6. Height: 680 mm | Width: 540 mm | Depth: 480 mm
  7. CE Approved EN 13240