The unique design of the Mulberry STOKER can deliver 6.5Kw of heat throughout the room because a convection stream distributes heat much more widely than radiant heat alone can achieve. It’s a stove Dracula himself would have appreciated as everone in the house will have warm blood! Taking up a very small place on the hearth with minimal intrusion into the room, the STOKER is ideal for the modern home.

  1. Fits into standard fireplace without removing fireback
  2. Improves your house Energy Rating (BER)
  3. Burns Wood, Coal, Anthracite, Peat Briquettes, Turf
  4. Maximum output 6.5Kw
  5. Maximum fuel consumption 0.93kg per hour
  6. Efficiency of 76%
  7. More than twice as efficient as an open fire – halves your bill
  8. Clean burning with low emissions – O.26% CO (at 13% O2)