Install a stove using external Twinwall Insulated pipe (Out and up)

This type of installation is very popular as many of our customers do not want to see any or very little stove pipe within the room. If you wish to use the above system then you must note that you must come off the back of the stove at 45 degrees!

Flue materials required for installation

The standard items required for an internal installation would be:

  1. Multifuel Stove, Woodburning stove
  2. Adaptor to twinwall
  3. 45 degree Twinwall Elbow
  4. length twinwall pipe/Adjustable length (To pass through external wall)
  5. 135 Degree Twin Insulated Tee and Cap
  6. Adjustable wall support (used to support weight of pipes)
  7. Adjustable wall brackets (to secure the pipe close to the wall- one needed every 2 meters)
  8. Lengths Twinwall Insulated pipe
  9. 45 Degree Twinwall Insulated bends (to clear overhang/Guttering etc)
  10. Reinforced locking band(s) (to support final lengths of pipe clearing the roof)
  11. Rain Cap